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Presentation Skills

This 1 1/2 day Presentation Skills Masterclass is designed to enhance your role as an executive officer and ambassador of your organisation. The aim is to facilitate reflection of your presentation skills and promote their improvement. Impact and effectiveness are increased for the immediate benefit of your audiences and the organisation.

Most of us will have to make presentations from time to time. The range of scenarios is enormous. Most of us feel understandably nervous even when we're experienced‚ but there are numerous strategies and tactics we can employ which turn even the most nerve-wracking event into an exciting and enjoyable experience.

The style of delivery is interactive and participant-centred. Making presentations is essentially a physical activity and this will be reflected in the activities you are invited to do. This includes making two short presentations to camera for subsequent review. You will be asked to prepare some work before attendance.

Chris Haughton has been presenting and delivering to audiences of all sizes throughout his career and has built up a range of techniques and methods which will help guarantee a successful presentation every time.

Whatever people's prior experience in presenting, there's always something we can learn from each other. This workshop provides a golden opportunity to hone skills and experiment with new ones within a supportive and safe environment.


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